Digital technology has provided an online facility to be used for Academic processes . All Students must become a leader and role model in the implementation and utilization of information technology . Therefore The available facilities should be utilized appropriately and become daily activities.

  1. Official Website of UNIKOM

    To determine the activity of UNIKOM facilities, academic, etc

  2. Online Registration Admissions (PMB)

    An online facility for New Students Registration

  3. Online Lecture Schedule

    lecture schedule Info , lecture room and exam time schedule each semester

  4. Online Score

    Information of student score

  5. Abstrak Online

    Final project information, thesis, and research in digital form

  6. Forums

    The discussion forum for the entire academic community of UNIKOM

  7. Career Online

    Job information for companies and alumni

  8. Unikom MOBILE

    UNIKOM Information through mobile technology

  9. Cyber Net Unikom

    Free Internet Facility (Location: Campus I - 2nd FLoor, Campus II - 2nd Floor)