Comparative Study to UGM in Yogyakarta - October 9, 2013

In this activity, we conduct a comparative study to the University of Gajah Mada on Curriculum and Course System. There, we received directly by prof. Lincolin Arsyad, Ph.D. (The head of Management Program of MM UGM), Prof. Basu Swastha Dharmmestha, MBA. Ph.D (Vice Head of Academic and Student Affairs), and Prof. Jogiyanto Mustakini Hartono, MBA., CMA., Ph.D. (Deputy Head of Human Resources, Finance and Information Systems).

That comparative study was held in the Faculty Meeting Room, 5th floor Building Faculty of MM FEB UGM, the students of UNIKOM MM that is led by Dr. Ir. Deden A. Wahab Sya'roni, M.Si (The Head of the Master of Management) and is accompaned by Dr Rahma Wahdiniwaty, Dra, M.Si (Lecturer of PostGraduate of UNIKOM), hold a series of discussions and questions and answers regarding the curriculum and lectures system, in which research activities related to the students thesis of master of management.