Postgraduate Faculty Profile University of Computer Indonesia

Postgraduate Faculty of the University of Computer Indonesia (UNIKOM ) runs higher education Master Program based on ICT ( Information Communication and Technology ) and Entrepreneurship which include the Master of Management , Master of Information Systems and Master of Design . Those Study Programs are the important part in the development and deepening of knowledge in order to improve the ability , comprehension , and reasoning power of each students to acquire specialization , improvement and deepening of knowledge , career advancement , and success in building and developing the business . All of the science field will be based on the information technology as the excellence of UNIKOM which resulting of the master alumnus who excellent and qualified of human resources and also be able to compete both nationally and internationally . In addition, the Postgraduate Faculty of UNIKOM have competent lecturers in their field and have the good degree of Professor and Doctorate who graduated from the best university in the country or overseas. Various facilities have been provided by the Faculty of Postgraduate of UNIKOM including classrooms and laboratories that have full of multimedia facilities ( air conditioning , wifi , free internet access , hotspot and infocus ) , 1 notebook per student , seminar rooms , student activity room , students lounge , a library which fully equipped by books and journals , as well as a various facilities and programs that support the development of academic activities in the Postgraduate Program of UNIKOM.

Postgraduate Faculty of UNIKOM already have 3 Master Programs, they are the Master of Management which was founded in 2008 with Decree No. DIKTI. 1622/D/T/2008 and has been got "Good" accredited; Master of Information Systems was established in 2009 by Decree No. DIKTI. 1861/D/T/2009 and has been accredited and Master of Design, established in 2013 by Decree No. DIKTI. 56/E/O/2013.

Basic Principles

The organizer of Postgraduate Program unit has basic principles as follows:

  1. Upholding the code of ethics of science that are universal and objective.
  2. Autonomy of science in the form of scientific activities that oriented to the norms of science must be obidient by scientists and scientistsí candidate.
  3. Academic freedom is conducted with responsibly and independently related to education, science and technology development.
  4. The academic platform freedom is part of academic freedom that allows faculty express their thoughts and opinions in accordance with the norms and rules of science.
  5. The quality of Research and public service.
  6. The independent Management, transparent and efficient.